Reviews for "Stick Slayer Episode 7"

wow!!!!!! i still like stix though!!! lol

That was amazing!!! How do you do that man??!!?? wow...very inspiring...keep up the amazing work!

Its amazingly cool!

I agree with Ben on the fact that stick movies are crappy and other than XiaoXiao a lot of them suck!


Wow!, that was good...
And I have nothing else to say.


dude, yo did improved your stuff since i watched episode1. too bad that the thing is over, was getting better. I really laughed at the part when the guy says "Yeah, Stick slaywer movies still are stick movies". ha ha ha ha!

I find it funny

That you animated the stick's better than the characters at some times heh =p. What i mean is used alot of shortcuts, or didnt have much animation for some characters, had a part of completely fully animated towards the end for about 6seconds, but im not complaining, good movie