Reviews for "DuckLife"

chao garden

man, you are a really good programmer, this is like chao, u should of make battle arenas like in chao though, but still, this is front paged, by today

Finished already!

I remember playing an unfinished version you put here about year ago. I liked the idea, and thought you have abandoned your work, because i didn't see it up for a long time.

The game in itself is great, and i hope you make more like these.

Very fun!

But I'm not really sure how, it seemed so pointless, yet so entertaining!... maybe it was the duck :p

I maxed out all skills before I even raced :D

By the way, why did you have to fix the crown glitch? I wanted to see it :( ...*sniffle*... Although it's not fixed all the way, because instead of the glitch Rezolution mentioned, your hat changes to the freedom spikes.


For a cool effect, wear the crown and beat the word champion again. You ducks hat will spaz out. its funny!

WixGames responds:

Not any more it wont :)

Solid gameplay

There are times when play seems unbalanced. There also seems to be some sort of loop bug in swimming training when you jump too high or swim too low.