Reviews for "DuckLife"

Great game but you have a bug on the swimming,My duck was invisable or gone and the minigame wouldn`t stop.

cool game, played it for hours! but the blue seeds arent cracked up to what there supposed to be. still LOVED the game, though

glitch!!! =D

i had a awesome glitch, in swimming training, duck went up and down the whole time until it was like 900.000, so it went level 150 in one go!!

Great Game

I Like The Idea That You Can Train Your Own Duck To Race, And I'm Not Trying To Sound Mean Or Something But Were You Playing Sonic Adventure 2 Battle While Making This? Because It Has A Lot Of Similar Things When You Play In The Chao Garden, Like The Blue Food That Raises Every Stat.


great game, but you shouldn't max out at lv 150