Reviews for "DuckLife"

Sonic Choas *cough* *cough*

Great game. Fun. It has some bugs but over all i think its a very good game. Keep up the good work


Simply incredible.

Spoiler Alert not really tho

How to get free black colour: Dont lvl up anything, feed the duck with the starting feed, then race on expert: over the volcano...

Captivating in its own way, but could be improved

The game is fun enough to play to the end, but it's pretty automatic. The minigames work fine for leveling up, but once you're in the race it just goes on its own. If your stats are too low, you lose, if they're high enough, you win, everytime. It's a little boring. Something that requires user input would make them a little interesting. The minigames require you to maneuver around obstacle, why not have that in the races?

For what it is it's a nice little game that could be bettered with a little more interactivity.

fun game~

i laugh at the idiots who say this is the chao clone.

you see, its like saying no more heroes is a grand theft auto clone in a way.

there can't be only one fighting game, pet sim, platformer, etc. :\