Reviews for "DuckLife"


Seriousley the best Sim here on Newgrounds, Got all the way up to 150 on each (exepting energy- that's 50) and won!
Took a good hour, but it was a fun one!

Very bland...

You basically play very simple and repetitive mini games, so you can watch a duck race. The races have no interactivity. And then you get to do the mini games again so your duck gets better.

Not a lot of fun.


I win!

You get crown at end and to beat the final dude have 50/150/150/150 stats =D


I am so glad that you finished the game and r-submitted it. I had almost forgot about it's existance. I have noticed two bugs still in the game.

1. Feeding, sometimes the food won't stop moving after hitting the ground or go flying off in some random direction at enormous speeds. Neither of these seems to affect gameplay too much.

2. While training swimming you can occasionally get additional boosts up and down.. These slingshot you back and forth for an extended period of time. Before discovering the bug I think my max distance swimming was something on the order of 10,000. After (and i didn't play with it much) I got over 91,000. And I didn't even have to press a key to do it from 2000 on up.

Other than that fun game, cute game. Much improvement from the last version.

this game is really good,im inpresed.

definitly a 10,no dought about it!the carttoonish way evrythingis drawen looks childish,but that dosent take the fun away!this game game is definitly a favorite of mine,looks like it took a good while to make.this game dosent get old,but the music,isnt awsom.But i cant complain it fits the game,this game had to take a big imajination to make...kinda.i have 1 idea if your duck cold grow older that wold be cool.ill quit the reveiwing here so u dont got to keep reading! anyway...ya...you get the point i like this game!make a 2nd one when u can,bu!but!let us pick an animal to train!!!!!!!!that wold be tank!!!!!!:)