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Reviews for "Meet Larry"

its was good

defiantly should be where it is, third. It's not worthy to be at the top yet because of it's hard to understand character. The voice is so deep and hard to understand I couldn't get the full understanding of what you were trying to say. Over all some work was done so it is a good flash.

well done

great diolog but lame car animation... atill great tho

It's alright....

You had a good idea going here, but it wasn't executed well. It isn't subtle enough, some lines were way too clich├ęd to be taken seriously ("I could've been an astronaut, and discovered aliens" was so corny that I literally face-palmed). It probably would've been better if you simply told the story and leaving the inner meanings to be thought about by the viewer, instead of handing them to us on a plate.


Guess what!
A "serious short" does not mean recording dialogue that is cliched TOO DA MAX and TOT's innapropriate to the visuals of your (loosely defined) quote unquote character! Who is kind of boring and sucky to begin with!

Ho hum.

Bit cliched to me. What does "isolated, like the only thing left is a small bridge between me and the world" mean? Well, if the only thing left is the bridge, you're not really that isolated, right?

The message was not lost on me, but I felt like you tried to make it too dramatic.