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Reviews for "Meet Larry"

Thanks Man.

This helped me grow man. If people wacthed things like this the world would be a a better place. One of the bigest lesson of my life is in this vid.

MonkFlash responds:

You're very welcome,
glad you appreciate the message.

Nexus' reveiw

First of first I am to keep clear that it would worth then both per graphs and per drama storyline. But mainly for the drama.

Although, you kinda hurt me, or I did hurt myself. It's not you fault though, I explain.

You made something about of the philosophy of the macabre, a story about a lawyer whom death might be considered an "accident of the job" or "work flaw".
Nothing to hurt me until a girl, who had a very bad childhood and teen days, found this philosophy matching her traumas along her own style of thinking.
There, she made this video one of her favorites.

Such Dark Queen used to talk to me. She is a good person, who used to hurt her own wrists and knees for releasing anger instead of hurting others. A true emo, you say? Nah... For me... This was heart touching, lovely action... And this makes me feel lesser than her. I do admire her a lot. It's not a sexual admiration...

But then, she left this crappy place around 4 march... I couldn't ask her contact before... And this video, remembering her, hurts me very hard on my memory. Although, I watched it knowing the risks, and then I got hurt. In all ways I presumed.

I'm not a masochist, but thanks for the pain... At least, for two seconds, I felt like I was having another dialogue with that dark version of smooth babe.

Thanks for reading. The best artists are those who bring emotions into public. You did it. You hurt her first, and then me. And we both liked being hurt: she bookmarked while I wrote a BIG and STUPID text. So, you are one of the bests! Thank you.


10/10- 5/5 , this is pretty dramatic and it gets its point across. usally all i watch is parodys but this is pure awsome, nice work! :)

good job

well made touching. there aren't many videos out there with a messege anymore...


What more can I say? :P