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Reviews for "Meet Larry"


sounds a little like tom jane it preatty good.


you wrote life and put it in a flash. good job. fuck anyone who thinks this should be any different. it was in my opinion the best flash i've seen i such a while.


Though there were some errors for some I could see the real theme the creator was trying to make. this is pretty deep.


sort of a bad attempt at being a serious short, but I saw much time and effort go into it, so it deserves an 8 star rating.

Try not to be too cliche with the quotes, and find a voice that fits the character. You sound like batman in the Dark Knight.

I liked it

But this is a flash my Grandma would watch

The voice really didn't match up to the character though and the animation wasn't the best.

I did like the music though, all of it actually and I did get the message.

Don't waste your life in persute of things that will never bring you TRUE happiness, live life so you won't regret it.