Reviews for "Meet Larry"

Really deep

You'll like this if you like deep stuff
Its a look on life
A self review of the man's life
nice work

When pictures paint a thousand words

Unfortunately the story the guy narrated to match the annimation was not good enough to stick, if Id explain my rating 5 is for the animation and 1 for a message I heard to many times before. Im sorry but the messge you are trying to give out from your submission isnt good enough to make this unique

This isn't something my grandmother would watch?

It's nothing she wouldn't have seen before- The clichés you've used here are probably twice as old as her. Clichés start off as good ideas, which everyone just uses like a whore until it has no feeling anymore. And even if you can realise the profound quality that the ideas once had, it actually takes some thought to refresh the idea and make it not be clichéd anymore. Not using the idea in the same way as everyone else would be a start, because all this does is make the ideas mean less and less.

Decent illustrations, tacky message

I've seen much worse, so I applaud the effort. However, your message was tacky and has been overplayed. I was expecting this to be some sort of wacky satire, the way you seeped us in whiny cliches, especially the astronaut bit. Also, I couldn't help seeing someone elses face when I heard the voice; it just didn't work for me, and it ruined the depth which I realize you were going for. Well animated, and decent illustrations. Just needed a little more of the good stuff, like real emotional depth. Now that I think of it, this piece would be better without a voice-over and maybe a little clock animation/action-in-reverse to explain the cut from his imagination to the reality of his death.


press play for fuck sake