Reviews for "Meet Larry"


The whole idea behind this flash is to do what you want with life before it's gone. I like the message, especially since it is so true for many people now a days. Good job and keep up the good work.

Great story With a Great Message!

That animation is beautiful and fits the mood almost perfectly! The music is great!
and the message something you should always remember,i love it

to the author

dude. i love it. people might complain about the voice or the animation but they are just kinda spoiled and dont get the bigger picture. i loved the message.

I liked it, but..

The voice acting. Batman is a slighty overweight middle aged lawyer? Seriously, the voice makes no sense for the character. You must have just re-watched The Dark Knight or Watchmen and thought it'd be neat-o to give Larry a super gruff voice. It only works for Batman. A simple, frail voice would have done this animation wonders. I really tried to enjoy it more, but the voice was such a horrible idea.


I would give it 10 if the animation was better.. But the voice acting was really strong. Nice work.