Reviews for "Mario Vs Sonic Entry"

very impressive

very impressive animation indeed. the only person that could possibly surpass this is alvin earthworm.


best mario vs sonic ever but you need to have mario use all of he extra things


That's what makes it good. Most of these fights try to copy of SMBZ, not you, mostly it's Mario goes fire flower and they're running while fighting then Mario gets the star and Sonic goes super then lots of flashing. In this it oh no Mario is going to use the fire flower, nope Sonic gets him away. Also I like the fact that Mario can actually lose the power up like in SMG. Good job overall

Nice but short!

The near end reminds me of Scorpion vs Sub Zero but you could hava at least made it a little longer, it was getting good!

whooooooooo hooooooooo

sonic vs mario!Best sonic vs mario ever.keep up the good work