Reviews for "Mario Vs Sonic Entry"


An Awesome Sprite Movie!
One of the best Ever actully!

But where did you get the Sprites!?

Hm, ending wasn't so great.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

So how did this do in the contest or is the contest not over yet? I personally thought that the animation was great and I'm always impressed when people can make sprite animations fast paced and enjoyable like this. In my opinion it's animated with some of the best sprite animators I had ever seen. Backgrounds and everything else were great. Very good visually all around.

~ Story/Content ~

I would usually complain about there not being a story to why the two sides are fighting, but I don't know what the competition requirements were. I personally rather see a reason why they are fighting even if it's something small and stupid like why Peter and the big chicken fight on family guy.

The fight was pretty action packed and lasted a pretty good length. I wouldn't mind it being a tad bit longer, but you timed it pretty well. The ending wasn't very good in my opinion simply because I couldn't tell what happened. I wouldn't have known unless you wrote that they both punched each other in the face in a response to one of the reviews below.

I would have rather seen it end with them crashing through the ice and fighting underwater or something similar to that.

~ Audio ~

The sound effects were really good and I like that you used some voices here and there. The music was also pretty good, but don't shy away from using the audio in the audio portal here. There's some really good stuff.

~ Overall ~

It was a pretty good action packed submission. I wouldn't have minded a reason why or a better ending though.

DarkZeroProductionZ responds:

Thank you very much for your review ;)
I did good in the Contest, I got first place :D

Yeah, about the story, he just asked for a Sprite Fight, I really forgot about the Story/plot. The ending... That was a counter punch, The sprite came out really bad, lol, and I realized it came out bad until I finished it, and I really didn't want to make the sprite all over again in another position, so I just left it like that. Also, I actually wanted to have a fight underwater while Mario turned into Ice Mario, but sadly Sonic doesn't know how to swim, and he's scared of water. Anyways, thanks for your review, I appreciate it.

Good Fight

It was good enough to watch twice in a row. If you are just starting to make sprite fights, I'd say its a pretty damn good start! From what I saw, I think you could have the potential to get really good at this to be ranked up there with some of the other people who also do sprite fight such as Alvin-Earthworm for example.(First name that came to mind. I really liked his SMBZ series.) So anyway. If you choose to continue doing more sprite fights, I'll look forward to seeing more of your work!

Excellent just outstanding

Well I'm a very good animator myself, and I know when I see talent from an animator. There should be more animators like yourself, for intance ifureadthisdie is very excellent and a good friend of mine. You make fights realistic and not crappy as the most recent animations I've seen on youtube. Hey good luck and I'll talk to you in the future.

hi dark0pro :)

hey darkzero nice vid u syill might remember me from youtube i have a newgrounds 2.