Reviews for "Mario Vs Sonic Entry"


very smooth animation, not choppy.
good effects with the fire and ice. overall 5/5 9/10


Not another one of these.....but the action was too awsome to pass up, keep up the good work! I enjoy sprite animations but make somthing a little bit more original..

DarkZeroProductionZ responds:

Again, the theme Mario Vs Sonic was for a Contest in Youtube made by Infinitcode2. The theme was to make a Mario Vs Sonic Sprite Fight, but thank you :D

That was absolutely

SUPERB! The movies effects and sounds matched that of Super Mario Bros Z. I will be seeing you on the top 50 very soon.

I admit!

Even if MarioVsSonic is already a wasted meme, you done it very well. Though, I will take 9 instead of 10, since has no overall ending then a draw fight, and 5/5 for supporting it and not elting it get blamed.

Again, well done.

great credit song!

that song from mario rpg its awesome
great touch!

DarkZeroProductionZ responds:

I credited the songs in the "credits".