Reviews for "Mario Vs Sonic Entry"

This is great!

Finally! An original fighting style using those Mario and Sonic sprites!

Absolutely LOVED the old Super Smash Bros. (64) sound effects you put into it! Not to mention the characters used the sound effects from their own respective games in response to what they were doing.

Great work! I look forward to seeing what you produce in the future!

Not an original concept, but great work!

For a sprite entry it's really proffesional. I like how you even made some of the backgrounds move. Also a plus is the sound effects and normal effects.

Atleast you didn't go DBZ like most spriters do. You stuck with the original sound effects. Kudos!

What else can I say? You did a great job at a classic and improved it in my eyes.


That's what makes it good. Most of these fights try to copy of SMBZ, not you, mostly it's Mario goes fire flower and they're running while fighting then Mario gets the star and Sonic goes super then lots of flashing. In this it oh no Mario is going to use the fire flower, nope Sonic gets him away. Also I like the fact that Mario can actually lose the power up like in SMG. Good job overall

hi dark0pro :)

hey darkzero nice vid u syill might remember me from youtube i have a newgrounds 2.


mario won cause of powerups!!!!! GO DIE IN A HOLE MARIO!