Reviews for "Moarphs: In and Out"

Deserves a 10!

its simple, but unique. I love it.

M-Shack responds:

That's what i was going for. Just watch and enjoy. Thanks

The awsome song

Did you make the song or is it avalable

M-Shack responds:

it is isnt it? look in the credits, its a NG user


somebody hads a acids trips.

M-Shack responds:



I loved the music and the animations! I am a big fan of this type of animation and you guys have done an excellent job with it. :D
I'm definitely going to use your screensaver ;)

M-Shack responds:

nice, i'm trying to think of another idea using a similar theme but still be different.

love watching it!

i think that you nailed it
really cool screensaver man!

M-Shack responds:

thx glad u enjoyed it