Reviews for "Moarphs: In and Out"

So much love...

So I kind of love the crap out of this... But my computer won't let the screensaver run. *disappointment*

Oh well, awesome work, anyways! :]

M-Shack responds:

Glad you love it. mac or PC? The mac version seems to be a lil iffy. Make sure you un zip it and then double click the opne you want and let it install.


That was sick

100% Talent

Incredible group of artists you got there, I'm looking forward to a second one! Awesome idea and very abstract feeling, very smooth also! :D

My favorite one was the duck by The Boogley!

M-Shack responds:

thanks, glad you enjoyed and appreciated it


im so in the second one

Very nice!

I liked this very much! It's a very nice collaboration, although I have to say that I was having a hard time seeing what the actual image was sometimes, because they go away so quickly. You could hold the actual image still for a couple of frames next time, for a clearer result. The different styles in this animation are really diverse and I loved seeing the Alien Hombrinid flash by, as well as the thing that turned into a lawnmower as it ripped itself up! Just a little note on the music though: it's a bit arrhythmic at times, but in this case it gives the whole project a good feel.

So overall, good job on the colab, guys! I'm sure everyone else here loved it as much as I did.

Oh, and very nice to see that you take your time to reply to all the comments you get. It shows you're involved with your audience.

M-Shack responds:

Thanks, yeah i try to respond to everyone. It's not like i have thousands of reviews lol. If you wanted to see the images slower you can go to the credits page and look at them their. I wanted them to happen pretty fast so you didn't focus on just one of them. You get just enough time to think you know what you saw, but then keep watching cuz you want to try and see it again to make it out. It's also suppose to be more focused on what each person did to get to their image and how creative and skilled they were to animated a blob of nothingness into something. Anyways, glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the review.