Reviews for "Moarphs: In and Out"

This is beautiful.

Its mezmorizing and just breath taking to see this. The music works perfectly and creativity is unbelievable. Great work!

M-Shack responds:

glad you enjoyed it

my eyes were glued to the screen..

It was so smooth... The whole thing just gave me such a warm feeling inside.. its magic

My fav was the duck :D

M-Shack responds:

If you liked the duck your going to love Moarphs 2

I love these things!

I wish the screen savers would do more screen saving, because a white background would burn the screen white, whereas black doesn't.
Also, the buttons don't work for me, I can still watch using tab + return. But I don't know if it's a Firefox, or Mac thing.

But enough bitching. Awesome work guys! I love these morphing things, I'm always going to be impressed by them so long as there's morphing and good art work!

M-Shack responds:

hmmm that's weird, I don't know why it didn't workout for you. I'll tyr it in more browsers next time before uploading. And yeah the white kinda sucks, but at least the images happen randomly and should manage to get to most of your pixles. I'll keep this in mind if Moarphs 2 gets a screensaver.

It was actually pretty good!

I found it to be really unique and special. Even though it is not as good as all of your other works, i still think it was swell. Keep at it, Dude!

M-Shack responds:

Really? Thanks!

Nice work!

just h8 that I can't find the start of the loop in the chaotic thing

M-Shack responds:

Haha, that's because i used a little trick to make it never really loop the same. It randomly generates them and will most likely never give you the same sequence of loops. Let me know if you do ever see it show the same thing twice tho lol