Reviews for "Moarphs: In and Out"


wow this is truly amazing
well done :)

M-Shack responds:



I really enjoyed it. I find my self getting mesmerized in the loops

M-Shack responds:


two words.....

freaking beatuiful

this is one of the smothest animations ive seen on newgrounds. i will never make an animation as smothe as this, its like the god of all animations!

M-Shack responds:

lol wow

thanks, everyone worked hard to do this and were glad you enjoyed it so much!

Very Intresting

i think this should be a 4

M-Shack responds:



In good way, my brain cells are dying.

I watched them all, and I prefer the B&W one above all of them. Personally, I think the color takes away from the chill. KICK ASS MUSIC TOO(for the purpose). I'm sitting back. and I'm chilling:)

M-Shack responds:

nice im glad it all blended well for you. The music is pretty good, im tyring to find another song like it by the same guy for the next one