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Reviews for "Blosics 2"


Great game, the only bit i found annoying was the fact that when you replay a level it keeps the new score instead of your high score

good game

This game is pretty good i like the gameplay an it is very challanging

Well Done

Thats all

great game!

I love this game... not too easy, but not too hard either.
I just had one little problem. I couldn't get through lvl 21, so I figured... I'd use the walkthrough (yup, I'm that kind of guy) in there, it uses the disintegrator ball to destroy the block, holding the green blocks, easy win. but for some reason... no matter how or where I shoot on that block, with me, it doesn't disappear.
so I don't know if it's a bug or something... but yeah, that was kinda annoying, because now I don't know how to finish the level... I basically tried everything.

Hard, but fun

Hard game, lots of logics needed ^^