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Reviews for "Blosics 2"

This a thing of beauty!

Since the first one came out... I have checked the portal daily looking for this sequel (often doing nothing else on NG after not seeing it there). There is something, soo... gratifying (sp?, it doesnt look right...) about playing this. Its very tactille, and soothing. I love this. Easily the best physics game I have ever played (and I started 20 years ago with a Coleco).
I'm sorry for gushing, but I'm a fan of yours, and I love this.
Thank you.

Great part 2, iffy on ads

I really enjoyed the first game and I find you've made some good additions to the second. I like the different ball sizes, makes the game proceed at a quicker pace. Could you also perhaps make right right mouse button cancel as well? That would be a nice addition.

I really like the game, but I am slightly perturbed about the ads. Let me first say that I do understand the need for programmers and game makers to make money, certainly! But I feel that ads between levels were enough. You set up a good system of having a little ad space between levels and making me hit 'next' twice. I like that, it gives you the opportunity for ad space, but gives me control over the viewing.

However, hearing a McDonalds ad while I am playing the game just makes me instantly think of spyware and adware and whip out the 'ol Spybot search and destroy and Adaware. I think I could probably get used to it, if I saw some kind of icon on the bottom alerting me that the game was playing an ad.

It is important to find balance in advertising vs. gamer satisfaction. I'm glad you did not go the mochi upgrade for cash route, that's just obnoxious. Honestly I think the live audio ads during play aren't that invasive, I would just like some kind of indicator that the ad is playing. Honestly, I probably wouldn't waste the time to mute my computer anyway, but knowing that the game was playing an ad and not having to wonder if my computer has become the most recent victim of virtual H1N1 would be nice.

Thanks! Great game!


great game

Awesome upgrade!

Love the graphics, levels and of course the special balls, finally!! After about 4 days i completed the 30 levels and unlockables, it was sssoooo worth it! ^_^

10/10 - 5/5!! :P


challenging and fun

it is extremely fun, and some levels were actually a pretty good challenge