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Reviews for "Blosics 2"

Veyr very good

Amazingly good game, I actually finished every level and got every unlockable item, which I never do because in other games as I usually get bored, but not with this one. I really loved this and it was very entertaining to me.

The one level I didn't like was Level 21: it takes ages for the balloon blocks to lift up your green blocks! Actually I didn't really like the balloon blocks all together, but it's no big deal.

Blosics 1 was great too, but this is really 100 times better.
It would be cool to also have a 3rd Blosics sometime :)

Great sequel to a great game.

i loved it. only problem is that my monitor is extra wide but not very tall so i cant see the whole game on my screen D: oh well.

Why did i get the vortex ball on level one?

Nice game... XD

I love this game.

The challenges were a great add-on, because it makes the game more complicated. The set ball sizes balance out the difficulty of the entire game. Overall, this was a lot of fun.

However, regarding the level editor, it would be a lot easier if you installed an IMPORT option so further level editing could be done. Also in some cases, the ball may pass through a block if it's going too fast.

Regardless, this was amazing. I hope you can fix these problems!

It's difficult ---_-----

There lv 30? Man.. I haven't finish my lv 8 yet... >..<
Accuracy....argh~~ favourite this game!