Reviews for "Blosics 2"


I like this game, graphics are just Great!! Gameplay addicting, and those unlockable balls, are just awesome!!!! I got all of them and watching the black hole ball never gets old... nice! almost perfect!

good improvements!

Some are a bit twisted, but it's not impossible to play :)
That's fine, and the variety of blocks, magic etc... is also good. You have improved the first version :)

But things that may be improved IMO:
The menus and clickable objets are sometimes too close to the shooting area, causing trouble.

Sometimes it's difficult to understand what is the challenge, what is the thing to do.

Getting the last unlockable only when you have beaten already all the challenges leaves that unlockable a bit out of use, because there's nothing left to achieve any more! It shouldn't be given at the end ;)

very fun

but i give it a nine only because it was a little too hard for my taste. i like puzzles and challenges but having to restart 20 times is annoying. it is still worth it and will be a game i go to to let out anger. :]

"not bad"

its cool,,not much different from part one but its pretty cool =] i like thee new graphics stuff



very nicely done.. but so quickly finished.. make morelevels.. and some that require some more thinking