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Reviews for "Blosics 2"

Meh...doesn't really do it for me.

I usually like physics games but...this one seems off. I didn't really like the first one either. It feels that every level, you have to pummel blocks to even get ONE to fall. And by then your score is -78 and you can't possibly win. Points for effort and appearance, but gameplay needs work.

Good, but...

The physics are still pretty flawed. The way the blocks react with each other is sometimes completely irrational, such as a single small block stopping what would have been an avalanche of blocks. Still though, it's a good game.

Damn lvl 21

I liked this game.... I really really did.... but lvl 21 completely ruined it for me


The game itself is good, but the fact that a ball costs so many points means it's always one or two ball per level, or you're never gonna get the required score, you'll have spent too many.


I would have scored you higher had it not been for the contradicting gameplay. Why make a game where points dictate your ability to unlock achievements. I also feel many of the challenges were near impossible to pull off. The tutorial was also fairly unhelpful in my opinion. They show unlockables that you cannot use to pass a level until one has already passed those levels. Good points, fun game for awhile, music was good, animation was superb. Work on the gameplay in short.