Reviews for "Flea 2"

Nice game, and yet...

It's a nice game, I feel it would have been easier for the player if the up arrow was the jump, it felt a little awkward pushing the space bar all the time.

Difficulty wise, holding the space bar down results in a "flying flee" which makes the game a bit easy for those who dink around here on Newgrounds on a daily basis, playing every game there is. lol.

I give you a five, I like it, but it's a bit easy.


This game is kinda good. except for the fact that you need to buy most of it. i once made an account so i could try to get coins and buy stuff on their games. little did I know that you need to use real money to buy it. this game gets a 4. it lost 6 points because you have to buy things with real money

awsome game

and about the taking money part u don't have to pay to play, get over that fact thats the future of internet gaming. evony, for example u pay for resources, or gather them, get over its not that bad, i won't pay for it to but it doesn't necessarily ruin a game because of it.

Awsome to me


great game

i like the song