Reviews for "Flea 2"

Half a game is not a game.

Why is the game split down the middle? Actually, I don't care why. Fix it.


this game is REALLY addicting! i love it almost as much as i love llamas! we shud be able to customize the flea though, that would make this game even better! we could like, have a bright blue flea with an orange top hat and a purple tie with green polka-dots!
sorry, if u want ideas, just ask us, the PUBLIC! we cud give u loads of ideas! anyways, this was fun game, keep it up!
(you shud only let us skip 5 levels too)

quite fun

fun game nice graphics and is quite enjoyable especially the unlockables

very fun

this game is pretty fun it may be a little to easy, but fun. I also liked the music. I think that this game could do without the level skip option though. I haven't tried it yet, but what is the point of skipping a level you can't beat when you know that the levels are only going to get harder, and harder

eh its ok

i was prity bumed out when i found out that i couldent just skip the levels tats just anoying............ but still a fun game