Reviews for "Flea 2"

Very fun

And addicting, and I don't blame you about charging for the other levels...
But again, I won't pay for them. :(

Fun for a couple minutes...

but having ads and mochi games take over is pretty pathetic, if you want mochi to make upgrades for it leave it to the mochi website, there's enough of those damn games already. Otherwise it's a good time killer... accept the keys are a little too sensitive.


i mean i totally understand the concept of going to mochi since its like oh... u make money, people prolly rather make money off a game instead of no money right? but then... when i played this game, its like you have to pay for a game that seems so "mediocre" . i mean have you no shame? its like if ur going to make a game thats really average why make people pay for like HALF THE GAME?

im sorry but this is madness... and no... this isnt sparta.

The reviewer below me is wrong

The reviewer below the reviewer below me (the extremely long one) states a fair case in every of his points, and personally I agree with him on all of them, despite the fact that I found no bugs.

This game was insanely easy, simply because of the fact that holding down the spacebar could get you anywhere, there was no challenge. Also, if you're trying to make money off of your games, then stay on mochigames, I'm annoyed as *explicit* by them. All the best games are ruined when developers add "premium content or "exclusive benefits". The point of flash games is that they're meant to be casual, games that people just sit down and play without worrying about any sort of cost.

Sorry about previous reviewer

I am sorry that the reviewer below me doesn't get it. I'm not going to bother pointing out his mistakes but I do think he's right about the pay for more levels thing. This is the reason for the 3 point loss on my review. This site is not designed to try to get to buy your product. It is to enjoy fun and free flash games. We get spammed enough just to get to the game.