Reviews for "Flea 2"

It's crap.

On top of that it's a mochi game...so it's double crap.


I throughly enjoyed this, It was slightly frustrating but not to the point where i wanted to give up because it seemed impossible, but instead it just made me want to try again and again untill i finally finished. good job.

Another case of highway robbery.

This game follows the tried and true formula of "Collect objects, get to ending." However, this goes a step beyond the call by providing mediocre graphic "unlockables" to maybe distract you from the fact that the game looks so unprofessional.
The challenge factor is limited, considering that the only penalties seem to be related to your score, which you won't be sharing with anyone unless you're willing to shell out money to actually buy part of this game. Really, it looks like a lot of the in-game artwork was done by a junior high student that just discovered how AWESOME gradient textures still totally are. It's like the menus and actual game are designed by two entirely different people.

In summary, tired gameplay, inconsistent graphics, low challenge, and you're actually trying to make money off this? Nice try kid.

WTF are you talking about?

chadmcbadd, wtf, this doesn't look like slime volleyball at all.
it's not even a fcking vollyballgame!
but the game is good

love it

this game is so addicting and so fun