Reviews for "Flea 2"

you get 1 for effort

infinite jumping? come on just hold space


I wish mochiads didn't force-feed my PC with save data and spyware.

Don't make us pay for half a flash game.

The game is alright, but I(and likely many others) kindly ask that you don't bother submitting anything else that will require paying real money for half the game.

I like

sweet & simple. control is a bit touchie but all part of the fun


this game is wonderful, as cheap as the abilitys seem it acutaly makes it very dificult the farther you go! I had a good houl once I died on a level two times in a row, I also like the idea of getting an uprade, such a bug with eyes are a new background color, vfery rewarding, but the thing that realy bugs the life out of me is that i have to pay for it? i mean this is newground were talking about right? the people on here arnt alowed to use their mothers credit card to buy the rest of the game. but because of that its actualy very funny how the users above and below me can act so immature over that slight detail, i doubt they will even get to the point where they will need to buy the rest!

Over all its a wonderful game and I a'm anticapating the next to come!