Reviews for "Flea 2"

great game!

Amazing game but no one wants to buy. Remember that mochi games.

me too!

wanted to play more but i NEED to pay to continue. :))

Soz but....

I give it a 0 cause the DUMB mochi takes money of you, and to pass the level with fire blocks you need to pay 1200 mochi coins to buy level skips... Which is REAL money to get them.. Why cant mochi give free coins for logging in or finishing a part of a game? THIS IS LAME! I hate mochi! I wanna goto their HQ and KILL THEM ALL!


i WANT to keep playing but i CAN'T cos i have to PAY. kinda stupid.

Infuriatingly addictive

great game! very fun and addictive, keep it up!