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Reviews for "Go to Hell!"


nice game but the need for air and food constantly is frustrating, the game window is also too small.
id suggest making it bigger and zoom in more.. add a map also.
increase the time needed for food.. or allow us to keep food in an inventory.
allow the ability to purchase upgrades such as better food / bigger lungs using the coins collected
allow the ability to attack/shoot creatures that will harm.
all of the above would do a lot for this game :)

Reminded me of dante's inferno

somehow. still a great game


Its fun and interesting, but like Mishkin13 said, the boulders are buggy. Pushing them off a ledge should not be a death trap. Plus, trying to dig under the boulders is suicide. I like the game, but the bugs are annoying.

Kind fun...

But there is no much diference from the other games of the same type, and the need of food and air should be more tolerant...

Great Fun

I think it got a bit cheesy when the water got replaced by lava, but it certainly provided more of a challenge! I was only 100 metres away!