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Reviews for "Go to Hell!"

Needs upgrades like in MotherLoad

Great idea for a game! However it needs a lot more upgrades and things to buy to make it easier like in MotherLoad.

Gotta agree with Fungimation

The game presentation is amazing, truly.
The short story told is captiving enough for me to go through 3 gameplays just to see what lies in the end, but the controls...
You die if hold the left/right arrows too much when digging under rocks. And jump feels heavy. You are on a enclosed space and it seens you can never time a jump right to go between gaps and vermin.

The game is awesome, just with some small flaws to it.
Awsome work.

Exceptional design, frustrating controls

A few people have already mentioned this but to re-iterate:

- You should never die from digging under a rock
- You should never die from pushing a rock (this happened when I pushed a rock off the edge)

Besides that you have a really exceptionally well made game there. I really love the feel and I love the challenge. For those complaining about the air it is a puzzle game, notice you don't lose anything for just standing around. Therefore it's all about planning your next move and using food/air in the most efficient way possible.

Anyways, A+ quality, just get the control/feel issues out of the way.

Nice but...

Its really a good game. quite addicting. However, I find that pushing a rock off a cliff the wrong way will kill you. That really makes no sense whatsoever. That is really my main problem. Also, food seems to be really scarce sometimes. I have difficulty finding food to give him more often than not. If you fix these it would get 10 from me.

One very disturbing thing

Great game overal,but I really hate when you die from a rock because you dug the bottom soil .This situation must be fixed so the hero stays hold for couple mini seconds after successfully digging the soil.
And I know you can avoid it,but it is just too much risky and difficult.