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Reviews for "Go to Hell!"

Not bad but...

Random "I'm hurt" decreases fun value. Hurt by what? I killed all the candles, there are no boulders, and the worms are gone. What hurt you? :/ Still pretty fun though. I just hate when a boulder squishes me. >.<

I enjoyed it.

Fun, changed things up as it went, gave enough lives, but hell was at 664 for me, not 666.

lol hell!

I love the hell and this game makes me repeat several times, so addicting! Beside the random factor sometimes unfair, I love how strategy is needed to go down.

pretty good

good gaming bad ending

pretty good

good game, much like a net yaroze one i played on the ps1 ages ago

only grumble is that the low level lava is insanely hard to spot and i died many times due to it