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Reviews for "Go to Hell!"

Been playing this game for years. love it!

gotta love getting almost all the way to the bottom with tons of coins and lives only to run right into a giant impenetrable wall of lava blocking the entire way down. what a well designed game.

Who else came because of Ross. from accursed farms

Game is fun. I played it years back. Only flaws I see are how fast your health goes down by being near bats (and I think the green things are worms). You actually lose health slower when drowning and being in lava than you do with the animals.

This was a pretty fun game! I love the unique premise, especially the fact that we're never told WHY we wanna go to Hell. Just pick up a shovel and start digging, you've got a lot of digging to do!

The controls were simple, intuitive and tight. The hunger, pain and air meters were well-balanced for the most part, and the randomly-generated levels do a lot for replayability.

My biggest complaint is how quickly your health meter drains when you get hurt. One more than one occasion I died a few times in quick succession because I was in an area with an enemy and couldn't get out in less than a second or two. It was especially frustrating when I was almost at the end, only to wind up burning through all my lives in one spot.

Other than that, this was a really fun little title, and a permanent addition to my "Procrastination Pile". ;)