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Reviews for "Go to Hell!"

Good game. Good concept.

i like the game and thel concept for it. ill give it 8/10 only problem i found was; if you open a air cavity in the ground with water above you, there will be an air bubble that floats to the surface since the water doesnt seep into the ground. i know its hard to think of but the game functions now as if air has no mass.

"fun stuff"

I'm ADD and i still keep coming back to this. you should make an iphone app. make money!

I love it.

Simple, elegant, fun.
The retro-graphics make the game what it is. The water mechanics are solid and predictable. Lava is fun too.

Great music selection, can I know what tracks your using here? I want to download and listen to them.


It's so simple and yet so hard :)
I like the lava part best. It would be great if you made an endless game mode. With the option to pick lava or water. Or a mode without healthpacks or lives. OR! how about a mode that adds water from the start, so that your path is slowly filled with water and you have to dig 'buckets'. Well it's just a thought.
But I'd love to play it without an end!

Keep it up!

Addictively simple

Addictively simple!

Very retro :)