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Reviews for "Go to Hell!"

Game does not load.

Fun but

Really fun game. Collecting the coins, med kits, and meat was quite enjoyable as was figuring out clever ways to kill the enemies.

However, I found the water to be more annoying than helpful as there just didn't seem to be a good way to get rid of it to avoid drowning. I ended up swimming above the screen to breathe much of the time. It was just frustrating. The random nature of each game was occasionally frustrating when absolutely evil obstacles appeared (lava everywhere with no way to safely dig down, for instance) but such is the way of random generations like that.

Despite these little annoyances, this was still a fun game, one I would recommend to others.

Good game but

Its like the sims, always whiney about thier personal needs x_x

Go to Hell too!

I was pretty impressed by this game overall but the main problem was that it just simply seems to go on forever. The best parts of it were probably getting the meat and coins and stuff. One annoying thing was that the character himself was just so whiney. I mean, I do not need to be told that stuff when the bars overhead already do. Still, it was pretty addictive mostly because it just seemed to go on forever and did not take much concentration to do. It was especially satisfying to get strategies to drown the enemies.

Ugly little great addicting game

Loved the game and I'm now addicted to it, one thing that could make it better is to make the lava more visible. I find it anoying that I lose life just becouse it's hard to see the lava.

PS: I think someone stole this game today, check the portal for "g to hell"