Reviews for "Damn Birds 2"

there is no way

that a penguin could
A) fly or
B) survive a shotgun shot through its gut let alone 8


Know what Mo? If you ever make a screen saver of this, I'd spend 20 bucks just to get it :D

Same as with the first game

You put the blackbirds in too soon. With that default gun, you can't shoot them fast enough, when pidgeons and swifts are coming in. I spent most of my money cleaning and buying ammo. Also would it kill you to make difficulty levels?

The rain was a nice break. A free cleaning, but it happened only once for me in the game. I presume it's a random event?

Overall, I didn't feel like this was a real, huge improvement. Kinda disappointed.

yeah cool Game !!

but is repététif ist not cool !!!


loved the arnoldesq voice to the second statue