Reviews for "Damn Birds 2"


This game was very fun but ended up getting repetitive
also to skip reloading, while using the machinegun (or any gun), press 3(or the number for the gun) right before your clip runs out to instantly reload. this works for about every gun but the rocket launcher. by doing this, killing everything is easy

i hate birds

now i like to play this game to expreas myself

Bad ass game

The game was good once you realize that by pressing the same number of the weapon you're on before it runs out of ammo gets you a quick reload. After you acquire the lazar it's downhill fun.

you have to know when to shoot

some birds leave if you shoot the bird next to it. it doesn't work every time but it's how i beat the game.

Super f*cking Hard

This game is ridiculously hard. The birds are wway to strong too. I can't imagain any toucan surviving one shotgun shot, but this game seems to thing they can survive 5. Cleaning is to expensive also. If you don't get the MG by level 7, your screwed. Also, why the fuck does it take 3 bazooka hit to kill a goose. That's 300 damage. A toucan only takes 75 and it's tough to kill. That's just ridiculous.