Reviews for "Damn Birds 2"

good game, was fun to beat,

Damn Flamingos near the end, tough ass birds, but no match for the laser.

preeeetttyy cool game

it was awesome until those giant geese looking things didnt die with the bazooka!!! other than that the game was prettyy dope dawg..


all the birds fly off the screen then poop on me a lot, so i just die.

Way better than the last!

I think this game is way better than the last one. Voice acting for the statues was a nice extra! More weapons and less birds made the game more playable. I like the graphics. There really was a great number of different birds, and the 2 statues I saw were good. I also like the addition of beneficial weather (rain, snow), which cleans the statue.
However, when I played this game, I thought I was going to go further back in the past, so that the player would start as a roman or greek statue armed with a bow and arrows, a sling or a javelin. I think it would be fun to have included some famous statues as well (such as the discos thrower, for instance).
I still think ammunition was too expensive, but that is just my oppinion.


Great !