Reviews for "Damn Birds 2"


I think this second episode is smoother than the first one, with an improved aiming system (I'm not an expert but I think that the statue' s animation has got more frames), more weapons and cheapier poo-defense; and blowing up a parrot with a rocket launcher really makes you feel like Robot Santa!



GREAT! But with a few flaws...

Finally it's a great game better than the last one.

BUT, anti-poo defense still remains too expensive. :( It's still useless to protect from huge poo coming from big birds. Should have been cheaper like $50 or cheaper per 1 defense.

Moreover, a 4 shot kills a duck (or more for the tougher birds)? You must be joking, 1 or 2 shots will do for a duck!


i love this game....especially when he gets the sniper and turns into an eliminator


this game is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!