Reviews for "Damn Birds 2"


Just like the 1st one, it rocks!
Too bad I can't send highscores here >_<

Well.. It's only the truth.

I feel bad giving you a low star rating, and a bad review for what could possibly be a good game.. IF you stopped thinking everybody on this website has got hours to spend screaming at their PC trying to get further into the game.

This is exactly the same as Number one. When i started i thought.. Wow.. Great game. Then soon after the 4th/5th level, i still only had my shotgun and couldn't afford any ammo as i had to keep cleaning my self, because shotguns can't kill all the birds in one shot.

Therefore i gave up on number 1, never to know what it was like to get further.

I assumed and preyed that you wouldn't of made the same mistakes in the second one.. But you did with flying colors, and it isn't just me.. read the other reviews.

I think you should seriously consider updating the version on NG's right now with some basic changes.

- Weapons Cheaper
- Difficulty settings (Which actually are noticeable)
- Save
- Weapons stronger

Simple changes which should of been already on this version.

I really do hope you update the version. Because at the moment it is impossible to get even 10% on this game..

What could of been ey?


way too hard, the money you get is miniscule, you can't buy guns quick enough, on most games you should (if skilled) be able to play with the first gun, save up a bit and skip a gun or 2 to buy the next, but on this game it was impossible, and once i'd wasted my money on a shotgun i just gave up when i found out how useless it was. plus this game seemed to stall a lot. my clicks weren't registered and the graphics went crap- my internet connection is fine.
you need to make it easier so guns can be bought faster, and why must i waste money on cleaning when it going to rain or change statue??? can't you give us a heads up!?

like the game idea but let down by difficulty

Too hard

Now I'm usually not one to complain about a game being too hard, but this is just ridiculous.
Sometimes I'd have 4 of those parrots, and though I hit them with -every- bullet, I still wouldn't be able to kill them in time. And now, geese? I tried shooting one with my machine gun. It didn't even die after 3 full loads of bullets. And yeah they came in a pair.
So really, I like the game, I like the concept, but atleast add a difficulty setting.

awesome but......

why can't you save