Reviews for "Damn Birds 2"


pretty fun to play


add the ng medals to this game and the first one

ok, just ok,

it's fun but it gets hard.

good game

i wonder how people would react with all the dead birds near the statue with the guns...

Technical Rundown

Alright lets start with pro's before we get to cons:
-First the new array of weapons is a welcome upgrade from the original.
-Also the new bird classes ad an element that was lacking in the first.
-I liked the graphics upgrade but I'm worried it came at a higher price for the system performance.
-The new voices were entertaining but the wind up being irritating after a while.

Now on the cons:
-(Cheat) If you press the number button of the gun your using before you run out of ammo then it will be instantly fully loaded.
This has got to come from a local variable in your gun class gets reset when you weren't intending it to. If you want to leave it in as a cheat you might want to give some hint that it is one because now it seems more like a glitch.

-Where do bullets come out?
On some guns the seem to come from the muzzle but others seem to start closer to the statue. Can't really tell if its an error or just a time saver.

-Crows can't seem to decide what they want to do.
This isn't an error some much as an odd call, In the earlier levels they tend to change their mind about pooping on you and leave before you can shoot them,

-Finally bullets will more often than not pass through a bird to hit the one behind it.
I assume that you tried to fix the issue in the first where your bullets would juggle the corpse of a bird you had already shot instead of hitting the bird you were trying to shoot, this patch seems like you put alot of effort into it but as a programmer myself I notice when people are going about things the wrong way. Try adding an Active (True/False) var to your bird class. Not only will is solve the juggling problem but you will cut down on hit detection time by not testing inactive birds.

ducks should not take 4 hits from a bazooka to kill