Reviews for "Scribbland"


Iv'e played on the internet since i was 3 and half years old. I am now 12 years old. (Thought you might want to know) And I have to admit it was quiet fun, The game was challenging. I'm going to give you 10/10, Wanna know why?
1. Really Fun and Challenging.
2. Graphics and Color is perfect for the game.
3. Because The game is really simple and anyone can play it.


The game is good, I don't like the art though... Very plain. It doesn't have the 'fun' mood that it could have had if it was in color.

Lol cool

Yup. OI

Good game 10/10

I liked it

Easy was challenging enough on its own (for me).
It basically was trial and error until i made it, kept me playing for like 30 min though.
I like the control scheme although its gets a tad annoying sometimes :p


I really liked the game... Completely new type of control... It's rather quirky... But once you get used to it... It's still pretty challenging!
I liked how you need close-to-perfect timing...

Anyway. Good job, and for you other players, just keep trying and trying and trying... Practice different click combinations (short-short to jump up stairs, long-short to go quickly over a little step, short-long to jump over long-high spikes, etc.)é.