Reviews for "Scribbland"


It's not your idea, it's you. You've designed the levels so the main problem is overcoming your control scheme. In a game, you should aim to challenge the person's skills, not continually poke fun at how crap your controls are, and how easy it is to accidentally jump.

mayor bug

if you jump on spikes your dead if you walk trough them you don't die
gix it plz
but a funny game


First off, it is a good concept, but there are key points in platformer gaming that are not completely fulfilled.

One factor is flexibility. With only two controls (holding LMB, releasing LMB), controlling three actions and only one direction of movement, the game feels very constricted.

While I like the idea, there is something that feels just wrong to play a side-scroller in this way.

You could put objects in the game which will affect his direction. This way, the original movement by holding down the LMB can be kept.

Or you could add more clicking combos for more actions.. Like a double click, or double click hold for example.

Finally I feel that, as other users have pointed out, that the level design layout is not really great. There are places where the avatar has very little clearance. While this game should feel challenging, it should not make a player give up.

That being said, the idea is good, but the application is not really great.

good idea

this is an interesting and inventive way of gameplay, even though it is somewhat primative. i like the idea and the artwork design was also interesting, i enjoyed the paper at the background and levels appear to be sketched upon it, it gives a nice relaxing feel to the game.
However, it was very awkward to play... its a nice idea and an interesting concept, but the level of entertainment from a single button can only reach so high. another thing that i did not like was that there was no way to change the direction that your avatar would run in, perhaps make him run in the direction of your cursor? that way it remains a single button game, but adding more variaty to the gameplay.

a very nice start, i would like to see this improved upon in the future. It does have the potential to be an exellent game.

You get a 7, and here's why ( in my opinion )


So from one game designer to another I'm impressed with the concept. As I read the description I thought " Why the hell didn't I think of that?" As a concept, on paper, I can honestly say I holds promise. One button gameplay? I can see the challenges that presents, but if mastered, how great would that be as a player?

I think 1 button games and titles like "canibalt" come to mind, where the player is auto running and you time a button press to jump. I've read the lower rated reviews. Some seem like they were written by those who seem to be allergic to innovation, and carry an instant dislike to anything unfamiliar.

People like this will always burden trailblazers and hold us back as a society, like old people who are legitimately "afraid" of the internet, to fully accept a new idea, a generation kinda needs to die out.

I did however get a touch of the A.D.D and quit after the ( I wanna say ) 6th level due to some poor design choices ( If I jump when I release a button, but I must release or I'll die, only to be sent up into spikes-- a pattern must be fixed ).

I do give a 7 for having the balls to run with a concept I personally havn't seen before. That's the thing about something new, you don't know how the general populace will react until they try it. Unfortunately they can't all be winners, and if you have an idea that no one else has done before, sometimes ( not always ) there is a reason for it.

My 2 cents.