Reviews for "Scribbland"


Nice, but it`s hard. The music fits though. (That music can fit too anything.)

Skellus responds:

Thanks! It was meant to be hard. I am not a fan of easy games personally.


Unique controls? Yes.
Good controls? No.

Not much else to say. Other than your control scheme, it's a very basic platformer. The graphics were decent. I like the main character.

Skellus responds:

What are good controls? Those which make the game easier? Or those which increase the challenge? Or perhaps both? Or none? I don't know what you mean when you say the controls are bad. For me bad controls are such which make things more difficult without a real point. It's like using QAOP instead of Arrows or WSAD, or QEP; But here I get the feeling that the controls are just too difficult for you to master in a short period of time thus making them Bad. Noone is good at anything from the start, you also had to learn how to play platformers with arrows.

Like it

I love it. It is so frusterating and addictive.

Skellus responds:

Thanks. That is what in my opinion makes an essence of a good game (at least I love these kind of games).


The music and images are awesome, but still, the controls are pretty lame: only forward and jump? C'mon!

Skellus responds:

Yes, just as you put it - only forward and jump. And that is pretty intentional - to increase the challenge and to make the gameplay unique. I personally really love twists like that, but I guess you have to ripe to learn to appreciate this kind of subtle modifications :)