Reviews for "Scribbland"

Nothing special, new concept though.

Nice concept but at times I found it a little buggy....

pretty harsh mate sorry

i guess i have short attention span, i have to congradulate (spelling lol) you on trying to do something new but unfortuntely new doesnt necessarily = good and needless to say i gave up quickly

iv not slept much so ill give it a try tomorrow lol see if i do any better. just for that im bumping you from a 4 to a...

Great game!

It presents you with a challenge (the control scheme), then forces you to master it while playing through a series of increasingly-difficult levels. To me, that sounds like what a game should be, so I don't see what everyone's complaining about. The control system is new and tough to learn, but that's the point. Personally, I really liked it (enough that I played through on Easy and Hard). There was one bug though: if you beat level 19 and return to the menu, it gives you the "You won the game!" pop-up. Overall though, great game.


Will people stop dissing this guy? Hes come up with something preety fresh that is strangley retro! I like this, and would love to see it ported to i-phone (with a little polishing that is!)

It's a clever little timewaster, and to the guy 3 below me, walking through spikes is not a bug. Its what defines some of the puzzles.

Good Work!


Nice concept, but nothing was really fun.
And my trackpad kept getting stuck.