Reviews for "Scribbland"

Tricky game

Wow this was a "TRICKY" game the "CONTROLS" made it hard to navigate but I guess thats the intent, the whole black and white style on this was actually fun, wouldnt mind some added color though, but its a good game and some nice nifty medals to achieve so props to you on a fun game here.

I dont see any changes that need to be done maybe some added color.


great idea but its very hard and difficult also medals are really hard to get

Well Dark souls 123 can go fuck itself .D these medals are for true Barneys Stintsons...so damn hard to not mess up. I gave up on 8 and 14. dayum so hard.

All-time 8th place!

Wait a minute. The scoreboard is screwed up. You're going for the lowest score, right? So why is the highest score in the #1 position?

The concept is good. I think the gameplay could have been improved by having the player do more than just go to an exit (like maybe get power ups to kill enemies or being able to turn around after hitting a certain object). However, the medals are near impossible to get. I was only able to get three of them. The only way I foresee being able to get the rest is only if I were develop a form of spilt nanosecond timing in my reflexes and plan out each stage, calculating enemy position and speed... OR being able to turn around!