Reviews for "Scribbland"

My thoughts

I'd like to point out that I am rather conservative with my scoring so 8 is pretty high in my book.
The reasons for a score as high as that are as follows:
The gameplay is as promised and as expected. There is no real need to explain it more than hold left mouse button moves forward, release jumps.
The different enemies make the game much more interesting than it otherwise would be.
Certain aspects require a little thought. (I've been playing I Wanna Be The Guy too much... I was deathly scared of those spikes!! ~lol)

In the end, the main point for this game is that it is just short enough to be interesting all the way through. Anything longer (well, a level or two wouldn't spell doom, but 5 would be too many) would require more aspects to the gameplay, though obviously in keeping with the single button mechanic.

way too hard an very glitchy

nice idea, but poorly made. it is way too hard, and if you try to jump when too close to a ceiling next to you, you will hit that ceiling and move foward even though it was not actually above you


the game it's self was in general not that "fun" and more stressful. could have used better controls the fact that you had to use the mosu the whoel time and the confussion of contorls of holding and clicking was veyr painful when playin. all up it was actual an alrigth game if you take out the stressfulness of playin and change the contorls.

I did not like it

Believe me, I like the old-school graphics, and such things. The thing is, it really makes me annoyed when I miss some coins and cant go back to get them. but it's just my own opinion, so no offnece.

Not so 'innovative'

The only innovation here is somewhat inconvenient controls. In fact controls are the biggest challenge of this game. That is not what innovation or challenge should be.

Nice graphics, sound and character design though.