Reviews for "Scribbland"


Interesting concept. Beat it. So it is beatable. 64716.

GIVING 10 to counteract the unnecessary poor scores.

My two problem are
1) controls tricky/touchy, don't really know how to fix that though because you kinda need it like that for some of the problems.
---maybe adding the option to double click for jump, or reverse jump and move, it was frustrating learning to release to jump. (using my words to review, astonishing)

2) would be nice to see other kind of scoring/type of gameplay maybe. Not a huge deal breaker though

simple/obvious objective - to get to the other side fast bam
Black and white works with this one going along with simple
Music - usually music gets annoying eventually if it plays over and over and over (as with every single game ever made) Should have kept it simple not techno!!!

***It's a shame it should have a higher score, people just are getting frustrated and not actually reviewing the game.
IT IS A WELL DESIGNED GAME, just has a steep learning curve because you are not used to having to use ONLY ONE BUTTON.


I liked it a lot!

Really fun game. Controls are simple but challenging (kept wanting to go left sometimes lol.) I like the art a lot, its quirky and cute. Personally I think the music is quite nice background gaming music and is fit for the game itself. Overall I think this is great.

And a big congrats for making it on the front page : )

Good Effort

Graphics are pleasant - muted the music straight away. Bit of a one trick pony


this is so annoying, it is practically impossible to play, theres no point. the music and everything just pisses me off, the lack of controls to do the tasks reguired infuriates me. this is a terrible game, but it could have been something great.

Exactly what RaverRay said.

I could not have put it better myself, RaverRay.