Reviews for "Scribbland"

And it begins...

Unlike most reviewers, I will actually sit here and write the review as I play.

The loading screen is cute, but it comes across as irritating on the eyes. I can understand the point you are trying to get at us with you 'scribbling' on the bar.
Okay, I have started.
Ugh, the music is terribly irritating. The controls are innovative and challenging, but at the same time irritate me to the extreme.
The character design is appealing... To small children. No side game-play besides collecting 'anti-score'? As I play through it irritates me more and more that you lack color, and while I realize this is the aim of your game building, it puts me off.
The controls get more and more irritating as I play through the levels, and seem to get harder and harder to use.
I quit, it has gone far enough.

While the irritating music, lack of color, poor game-play and boring music flaw this game to the max, it's innovation and it's whole idea keeps me from rating it lower than I did.

- Lack of variation in objectives -
- Lacking color -
- Poor game-play -
- Boring music -
- Innovation + 2
- Idea +2

There is a list of pros and cons listed from worst to best because it scored lower than a 5. If you had scored a 5 or higher I would have listed them from best to worst.

"Needs a touch of variation"



Lol i liked the art, music and the controls was unusual! i dont say that i didnt liked the controls im saying that i liked controls its the firs one-butom game 5/5 10/10 100/100 :P


The controls SUCK. I mean suck BADLY. Its way too hard to get him through the easiest of task with them.

I loved the art though, and music.

Very good!

Usually games of passing levels and levels don't get me playing for too long, but this one did. I passed the game 2 times, one in easy and one in hard to get a better score (and played some levels quite a few times). The levels are very well designed, you can notice that they are done in a way that you can get all (or most) of the clocks with some technique. The concept is simple yet addictive, and that's what we look for in a game like this. Also, the visual aspect is very polished in its own style. It's an awesome game! I don't give it a 10 because I feel like pressing one button and getting killed so many times can get annoying, but I know it's part of the game. It's a 5/5 still :) Great work!


The controls took a min to get use to but i didnt get very far
so blah level 12 is monkey poo