Reviews for "Scribbland"

ERROR-bug located

You can walk through floor spikes without them killing you.
...Or was that intentional...?

Anyway, I think this game will get boring fast.

Almost, but not quite.

I like the look of the game, but as I'm sure it has been pointed out, the control scheme (although creative) is unnecessarily restrictive on the abilities of the player. It's true that with some practice one could get good at the controls, and that was probably the idea you had in mind, but that mode of setting difficulty proves more frustrating than challenging. Rather I would say, you should free up the game's controls and the difficulty should be set using puzzles and obstacles. Overall though, very creative, you are heading in a good direction.


akward and slightly annoying at times to control u always jump when u dont wanna :(. its a new concept and is well made and the effort shows.. but i personally feel it could be more user friendly so players dont have to spend 1+ hours to adapt to its controls. i dont have the paitence to play much longer nor to adapt to the controls so sorry.. score would be a lil higher if it wasnt so fiddly!

itwas ok

it was an ok game and cool new concept, just because I got stuck on level 12 because for some reason it doesn't seem possibly beatable

pretty good

i really liked the art style of the game. the crumpled paper background was awesome, and the sound effects when you messed up and jumped really made it for me. the challenge was overcoming the control scheme, and it had that retro "pain in the ass die a million times" thing, which i love.